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Why Wont My Airpods Connect To My Mac? (TOP 5 Tips)

If you’re having trouble connecting to your Mac, Incorporate both AirPods into the charging case, then double-check that both AirPods are charging at the same time. To check if Bluetooth is enabled, go to the Apple menu System Preferences Bluetooth and choose it. If you are still unable to connect, try resetting your AirPods.
What is causing my AirPods to not connect?

  • Deep press the audio player to bring up the Control Center (or for iOS 10, swipe from right to left to control audio).
  • Then select the device you wish to use from the list by tapping on the AirPlay icon. Toggle Bluetooth on and off, then on again.

How do I get my Mac to recognize my AirPods?

Connect your Apple AirPods to your Mac computer.

  1. Open the cover of your AirPods case while still wearing them. Hold down the setup button on the back of the case until the status light on the front of the case flashes white. To enable Bluetooth on your Mac, go to the Apple menu System Preferences and then select Bluetooth. Select AirPods from the Devices drop-down menu.
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Why wont my AirPods connect?

If you’re experiencing problems connecting your AirPods, check sure they’re fully charged, that Bluetooth is enabled on the device you’re trying to connect to, and that the device has been reset before attempting to connect again. If none of the above mentioned techniques work, you should unpair your AirPods from your smartphone, reset the AirPods, and then try to rejoin them again.

Why don’t my AirPods Pro automatically connect to my Mac?

Automatic audio switching may be enabled on the Mac. Select System Preferences from the Apple menu on your Mac. Bluetooth should be selected. Make a selection from the drop-down menu next to your AirPods. Select Automatically from the drop-down option that appears next to Connect to This Mac.

Why wont my AirPods connect to my computer?

Reconnect the AirPods to your computer. If your AirPods are not connecting to your PC due to a small Bluetooth malfunction, try unpairing your AirPods from your PC and re-pairing them to see if it fixes the problem. Most connection-related difficulties with your devices should be resolved as a result of this.

Why does it say connection failed for AirPods on Mac?

One of the most common reasons your AirPods won’t connect to your Mac is because you haven’t updated the software on your computer. AirPods are compatible with Macs that are running the most recent version of the Mac OS or an upgraded version of the Mac OS. If you’re using the first generation AirPods, you need have Sierra or a higher version of macOS installed.

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How do I connect my AirPods to my computer?

How to connect your Apple AirPods to a computer (with pictures)

  1. Select System Preferences from the Start menu. If you are unable to locate it, it is represented by a gear symbol on your desktop. Bluetooth should be selected. Incorporate both AirPods into the case and snap the cover shut. Keep your finger on the button on the AirPod case. Wait for your AirPods to appear on your devices before selecting Connect.

Why wont my AirPods connect to other devices?

How to prevent AirPods from automatically switching to other devices

  1. Check to ensure that your AirPods or AirPods Pro are properly linked to your iPhone. Using the Settings app, go to Bluetooth. Then tap the ringed information I icon next to your AirPods in the list of Bluetooth devices. Select Connect to This iPhone from the drop-down menu. Select the date and time that this iPhone was last connected.

How do I transfer AirPods from iPhone to Mac?

Choose Apple menu System Preferences, then Bluetooth. With your AirPods in your ears and connected to your Mac, go to Apple menu Bluetooth. In the list of devices, choose your AirPods and then click the Options button next to them. Select When I Was Last Connected to This Mac from the Connect to This Mac drop-down menu.

Why do my AirPods connect but not play music?

Restart your associated device, such as an iPhone, iPad, Mac, Apple Watch, or other similar device. Then give it another shot. Attempt to off Automatic Ear Detection to see if this resolves the issue. Simply navigate to the Bluetooth AirPods settings menu and select Turn off Automatic Ear Detection.

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Why isn’t my Bluetooth working on my Mac?

All devices should be removed, and the Bluetooth module should be reset. Hold down the option + shift keys on your keyboard while clicking the Bluetooth symbol a second time. This time, select “Remove all devices” from the drop-down menu and click OK. Select Bluetooth in the menu bar again and select “Reset the Bluetooth module.” Option + shift on Bluetooth will appear. Re-pair your Bluetooth device with your computer (s)

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