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Why Is My External Hard Drive Not Showing Up Mac? (Correct answer)

Ordinarily, when you connect an external hard drive to your Mac’s USB port, the hard disk will display on the computer’s desktop (aka mount on the desktop). Chances are that the disk has not been formatted correctly, has been corrupted, or is otherwise malfunctioning if it does not appear on your Mac computer.
What is causing my internal hard disk to not appear?

  • It is possible that your hard disk will not appear on your computer because it has not been properly formatted. This is a common occurrence following the installation of a new hard disk. However, it is conceivable that your hard disk will become corrupted as a result of this process. When this happens, your operating system will not recognize it.

Why isn’t my Mac finding my external drive?

Mac users may now mount an external hard disk. In the event that your Mac is not automatically detecting your external hard drive, it’s time to force it to recognize the disk. Disk Utility may be found under System Preferences > Disk Utility. Check to see if the external disk is shown in the left-hand navigation bar. Select Mount from the menu bar after selecting your hard disk.

How do I get my external hard drive to show up on my Mac?

Check the Disk Utility in Apple’s Finder to see whether an external disk is detected. Disk Utility may be found in the System Preferences menu, or you can search for it using Spotlight. If it is visible, select it and then click the option to Mount, which should make it visible on the desktop as well as in the External Drives menu in the Finder.

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What do I do if my internal hard drive is not detected Mac?

To fix an internal hard disk that isn’t being recognized by Mac, you can attempt one of the following solutions:

  1. First Aid can be used to repair the internal hard disk. Attempt to start your Mac in Safe Mode. You may recover your data, delete the internal hard drive, and reinstall macOS on your computer. If the internal hard drive fails, it should be replaced.

How do I unhide my hard drive on Mac?

How to Make Hard Drives, Disks, and Volumes Visible (or Invisible) on the Mac OS X Desktop

  1. If you haven’t already, launch the Mac’s desktop application. Launch the Finder Preferences from the “Finder” menu, or press Command+, to bring up the menu bar. Click on the ‘General’ tab and choose the things you wish to be shown or hidden, depending on your preference
  2. Close the Finder settings window.
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