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How To Type Em Dash On Mac? (Perfect answer)

Each of the Mac operating systems uses the same shortcut for the em dash, making the operation quick and straightforward. Option + Shift + Minus (that’s -, which is the key that’s immediately next to 0 at the top of your keyboard) will do the trick. The em dash will come directly after the period.

Where is em dash keyboard?

To make an em-dash, hold down the Alt key while typing 0151, then release the Alt key to complete the sentence. That’s all there is to it! Keep the Alt key depressed while typing 0150, then release the Alt key. This will create an en-dash.

How do you press em dash?

To insert an em dash, first select the area where you want the em dash to appear, and then press Ctrl + Alt + –. (minus sign on the numeric keypad). To insert an en dash, first select the area where you want the en dash to be placed, and then press Ctrl + –. (minus sign on the numeric keypad). If it doesn’t work, press NumLock on the numeric keypad to lock the numeric keypad.

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How do you type dashed?

Holding down the Alt key, pressing 0 1 5 0 on the numeric pad, and then releasing the Alt key will result in the desired result. The en dash will be shown in the text box where your cursor is now located. Make use of the em dash.

How do you use Alt codes on a Mac?

When using alt codes on a Mac computer, the Option key should be used instead of the Alt key. Option codes for accented letters, symbols, and special characters operate in a different way on Mac computers, requiring you to first hit Option, then the accent, and finally the letter. Example: Option+n is the alt code for creating the letter n with a tilde in the middle.

How do you type an em dash without a numpad?

Keep one of the Alt buttons pressed while typing on the numeric keypad: 0150 for an en dash or 0151 for an em dash on the numeric keypad. When you release the Alt key, a dash appears in the middle of the screen. If your keyboard does not have a numeric keypad, you can input the numbers by using the Fn (Function) key combination.

How do I insert an en dash in Word for Mac?

Adding an en-dash to a Word document. If you’re using a Mac, press “option+hyphen key.” It will be automatically converted to an en-dash by Word. The option key is referred to as the “alt” key on various Mac keyboards.

How do you insert an em dash in PowerPoint?

Using the Alt key, you may place an em dash on a PowerPoint slide.

  1. Activate the slide on which you wish to place an em dash. Place the cursor in a text box, placeholder, table cell, or shape where you wish to insert a check mark symbol, and then click. Press and hold the Alt + 0151 or Alt + 8212 keys on the numeric keypad for a few seconds.
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What is an em dash symbol?

The em dash (—) separates a word or clause from the rest of the sentence and emphasizes it.

What kind of dash goes between dates?

An en dash is a mid-sized dash (that is, it is longer than a hyphen but shorter than an em dash) that is most commonly used to indicate numerical and chronological ranges.

How do you type a dash or a hyphen?

A hyphen (-) is shorter than a dash (–) for a variety of reasons. Hyphens are used to link words together, while dashes are used to denote a range. However, this is only the beginning. Continue reading if you are serious about keeping these lines straight.

How do I make an em dash in Google Docs?

Select the area of your document where you wish to put the dash, then select “Insert” from the drop-down menu and then “Special Characters.” Entering “em dash” (also known as “en dash”) into the search bar and then clicking the symbol that appears on the left-hand side of the tool will bring you to its home page. Please keep in mind that the search results contain several different types of en and em dashes.

How do I make symbols on my Mac keyboard?

Additional Symbols and Where to Find Them In the “Character Viewer” application on your Mac, you may access more symbols, special characters, and even emojis. You may open this viewer by hitting Control + Command + Space on your keyboard, or by clicking the Menu bar icon and selecting “Show Emoji Symbols.” You can also launch this viewer by pressing Control + Command + Space on your keyboard.

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How do I get Emojis on my Mac?

Make sure the app you want to text in is the one that is now in focus, and then place your cursor where you want to type the Emoji characters. To do this, hold down the Control, Command, and Spacebar keys on your keyboard all at once. A little window overlay containing a collection of Emoji characters emerges on the screen.

How do you type on a Mac with Windows keyboard?

With Boot Camp, you may use your Apple keyboard in Windows.

  1. If you want to see the Windows logo, press Command ( ). If you want to backspace or delete, press Delete. If you want to enter or return, press Return.
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