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How To Transfer Videos From Iphone To Mac?

How to manually transfer videos from an iPhone to a Mac computer.

  1. Connect your iPhone to your Mac through a USB cable. If Photos does not launch automatically, launch it manually. Hit on your iPhone in the sidebar (on the left-hand side of Photos)
  2. Select Import All New Movies from the drop-down menu, or select the videos you want to import and click Import Selected. Now that you’ve imported your videos, they’re available on your Mac.

What is the easiest way to transfer videos from iPhone to computer?

Importing photographs and movies from an iPhone to a computer is simple.

  1. Turn on and unlock your phone by pressing the power button. If the device is locked, your computer will be unable to locate it. To access the Photos app on your PC, click on the Start button and then Photos from the Start menu. Choose Import > From a USB device and then follow the on-screen directions.

Can you AirDrop videos from iPhone to Mac?

As long as the two devices are within range of each other, you may transmit files – even those that are too large to send over email – from an iPhone to a Mac or an iPad with a single tap using AirDrop. AirDrop transfers data via a combination of Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, so your iPhone, iPad, or Mac must be within around 30 feet of each other in order for them to be successful.

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How do I get my videos off my iPhone?

You only need to connect your iPhone to your computer, and then you can quickly export movies from your iPhone to your computer using a USB cable. Connecting your iPhone to your computer is as simple as connecting it using a USB cord. A popup window will appear in front of you when your iPhone is identified by your computer. Then select “Import Pictures and Videos” from the drop-down menu and press the “Import” button.

How can I get a large video off my iPhone?

A file greater than 25 gigabytes cannot be sent over email using an iPhone, which makes it impossible to transfer huge or lengthy films using the device. You can get past these file size restrictions by using the iPhone’s Mail Drop function, which transfers material over iCloud, or by using a third-party platform such as Google Drive to send a huge video clip.

Can I AirDrop photos from my iPhone to my Mac?

Open the Finder application on your Mac and select the Airdrop option from the sidebar. Open a Finder window on a Mac and select AirDrop from the sidebar, or pull down the go menu and select AirDrop from the drop-down menu. When you choose the Mac device from the list, your airdrop will begin transferring photographs from your iPhone to your Mac computer.

How do I transfer video from iPhone to computer for free?

The following are the measures to take:

  1. Install iTunes on your computer, then connect your iPhone to your computer using a USB cord. Start by going to Start -> Search for Photos app and launching it. Select Import -> From a linked device in the top-right corner of the screen. Select the video file (or files) that you wish to save to your computer and then click on Import. Locate the video in the Pictures folder on your computer.
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How do you transfer videos from phone to laptop?

Option 2: Use a USB cord to transfer data.

  1. Unlock your mobile phone. A USB cable should be used to connect your phone to your computer. On your smartphone, press the message that says “Charging this item through USB.” Choose File Transfer from the drop-down menu under “Use USB for.” On your computer, a file transfer window will be shown.

How do I transfer video from iPhone to computer without USB?

How can I use ScanTransfer to transfer videos from my iPhone to my computer without the use of a USB cable?

  1. Transfer Videos from iPhone to Computer without the Use of a USB Cable Using ScanTransfer: What Is the Best Way to Go?

How do I transfer a long video from my iPhone to my computer?

To send lengthy movies from your iPhone, follow these steps:

  1. Enable “iCloud Drive” on your iPhone by going to Settings > iCloud Drive. To transmit a video file, locate it on your computer and press the “Share” button. Make a selection from “Save to Files” > “iCloud Drive” and a folder in which to save the item. Go to on your computer and sign in using your Apple ID account.

Can you AirDrop a large video?

Sending large video files using AirDrop is possible. Open the Photos folder on your iPhone and choose the huge video file that you wish to send to the recipient. Select the AirDrop option from the sharing panel by clicking on the Share button and then on the Sharing panel.

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