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How To Search On Mac? (Best solution)

Look for anything specific.

  1. On your Mac, click the Spotlight icon (if it is shown) on the menu bar, or hit the Command-Space bar or the key combination. (If the function key is located in the row of function keys on the keyboard.)
  2. If you know what you’re searching for, put it into the search bar
  3. results display as you type. Perform one of the following actions based on the results:

What is the best way to scan anything on a Mac?

  • To scan a document on a Mac, the first step is to connect a scanner that is compatible with the operating system to the network. To take a photo of the document, open the image capture program and choose the document. choosing and selecting the scanner from a list of available devices -Click on the button that says “scan.” -Finally, if you want to save a copy of the document, click on the Save option.

How do you search a word in Mac?

Command-F will open the Safari application on your Mac. In the search window that displays in the top-right corner, type a word or phrase that you want to look up. To see the next occurrence of the word on the page, click on the Next button to the right of the field you are currently viewing.

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How do I open search on Mac?

The Spotlight button, which appears like a magnifying glass in the menu bar, should be selected. Alternatively, the Command + Space keyboard shortcut can be used. The search area for Spotlight will appear in the centre of your screen when you press the Enter key. Fill up the blanks with your search keyword.

Where is the search bar on Mac?

Learn how to use the Spotlight search feature on your Mac.

  1. In your top menu bar, locate and click on the magnifying glass symbol (located in the upper-right corner). Enter the word or phrase you’re looking for into the search field. To learn more about a search result, or to access a file or webpage, simply click on it.

How do I search in Apple browser?

You may search for websites or particular information by entering a URL or a search word in the Safari app. Look for something on the page.

  1. In the search area, type in the word or phrase you’re looking for. Then touch to locate more occurrences of it.

Why can’t I search anything on my Mac?

Select System Preferences from the Apple menu, then Spotlight from the drop-down menu. Select the Privacy option from the drop-down menu. Select and drag the disk or folder that you wish to index again to the list of locations where Spotlight will not be able to search. Spotlight will reindex the contents of the disk or folder once it has been closed.

What is the MAC key?

The Command key (also known as the Apple key or the open Apple key) is a modifier key found on Apple keyboards. It was previously known as the Apple key or the open Apple key. When the Command key is pressed, the user can enter keyboard commands into apps and the operating system.

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How do I open the search bar in Safari?

To do so, run the Safari software from your device’s home screen or app library, whichever is appropriate.

  1. After that, navigate to any website of your choosing. Tap on the ‘Show Top Address Bar’ option from the drop-down menu to activate it. After the modifications are made, you will be able to see the search/address bar returning to its original location.

How do I get the search bar shortcut on Mac?

The Spotlight search field may be displayed or hidden using the Command–Space bar. Using the Finder window, hit the Command–Option–Space bar to launch a Spotlight search in that window. (If you are using several input sources to text in various languages, these shortcuts will change the input sources rather than displaying Spotlight.)

How do you highlight and search on a Mac?

You may also search for any text item that you have highlighted in your document. Simply double-click on the text you wish to search for and use the Shift-Command-L key combination to begin the search. Safari will be launched on your Mac, and you will be sent to the Google search page.

How do you search on page?

Opening the page you’d want to search in your favorite web browser first can allow you to search within it more quickly (see “Find In Page” below). To find anything on a computer, use Ctrl+F (on a Windows PC, Chromebook, or Linux machine) or Command+F (on a Mac). The letter “F” stands for “Find,” and it is compatible with all browsers.

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How do you search a page in Chrome on a Mac?

What is the best way to use the Google Chrome page search function? To search for a term on a webpage using Google Chrome, press [CTRL + [F] on a Windows computer or [ + F] on a Mac computer to enter the shortcut. When you do this, a little search bar will appear at the top-right corner of your screen.

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