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How To Save An Imovie On Mac? (Question)

On iMovie, how do you save your movie project?

  1. To access this feature, navigate to the upper right corner of your iMovie window. Then select “File.” Provide the information that is being requested, or change the default video settings, by clicking on “Share.” To proceed, click “Next.” Specify the location of the movie project’s final destination folder, and then click “Save.”

What is the best way to distribute iMovie?

  • The iMovie Share menu provides you with a number of options, including: iTunes: When viewing your final production on an iPod, iPhone, Apple TV, or personal computer, use this option to ensure that the video quality is not compromised. It will display in the Media Browsers of iDVD, iWeb, and GarageBand in the resolution you’ve specified here.

How do you save an iMovie project on a Mac?

Instructions for saving your iMovie project on a Mac computer

  1. Open iMovie on your Mac and start editing. Choose an ongoing project from the “Projects” drop-down menu. If the project you wish to save has already been completed, click on the three dots to the right of its name and then pick “Share Project” from the drop-down menu that appears. Choose “File” from the drop-down menu at the bottom of the list.
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Why can’t I save my iMovie on Mac?

It’s possible that you’ve observed that there is no save option in the iMovie menu system. The reason for this is that your project is automatically saved to the computer’s hard drive while you work on the computer. You may distribute your iMovie creation to a variety of destinations once you have completed working on it. These destinations may include your email inbox, iTunes, and an external device.

How do I save an iMovie project?


  1. You may give your Library whatever name you like, such iMovie Library 1, and then click on the drop-down button to make it easier to locate your detachable drive. Make a selection of your detachable drive and then click “Save.” Your project has now been saved to your portable storage device.

How do I save an iMovie after editing?

When your project is open in iMovie, select the Share option from the File menu. Please visit YouTube and Facebook. Choose a location for the video file to be saved, and then click Save. Visit the website where you wish to share your video in a web browser, and then upload the video file.

How do I save an iMovie to my desktop?

In the “Share” menu, select “Export Movie…” from the drop-down list. Next to “Size to Export,” choose “Mobile” from the drop-down menu that opens. Navigate to your Desktop and click the “Export” button. Then sit back and wait for your movie to be compressed and exported successfully.

Why isn’t my iMovie saving as a file?

iMovie export was unsuccessful. There are a variety of elements that might contribute to an export failure. For example, insufficient computer space, a botched project, or an incorrect export file name. Solution: Check to see whether there is adequate storage space on your Mac device to ensure that you have enough space for movie exporting.

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Why is iMovie not saving my whole video?

iMovie is not exporting to a full-length film. The reason for this is that there may be a corrupted clip at the 18-minute mark of the iMovie project. Solution: Find out what it is. Remove it or replace it with another clip if necessary. It is possible that you will need to transfer the whole project to a new blank project and then share the file from the new blank project.

How do I export iMovie to mov?

After you’ve opened the iMovie project, go to the File menu and select the Share sub-menu, where you should be able to find the “File” command. When converting to the mov format, you will be able to modify your conversion parameters.

Where is my iMovie project saved?

Library of Motion Pictures Every time you use iMovie, it will automatically store all of your data and assets (videos, photos, and music) into a library file named iMovie Library in the Movies folder of the computer you are now using.

How do I save an iMovie as an MP4 on a Mac?

What is the best way to export iMovie to MP4 using QuickTime?

  1. Open iMovie and start editing.
  2. Open iMovie and select Load Project.
  3. Click Share.
  4. Enter the Name and Destination of the video.
  5. Save the video. Now, to export iMovie to an MP4 file using QuickTime, select Export from the File menu and then MP4 as the desired output format.
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