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How To Make A Long Dash In Word On Mac? (Solution)

  • In order to achieve this on a keyboard, you must input the em dash alt code (Alt + 0151) or the en dash alt code (Alt + 0150). There is no shortcut for this. The long dash symbol dilemma is considerably easier to deal with on a Mac. To type an em dash on a keyboard, hold down Shift + Option + hyphen (-) for three seconds.

How do I make a long dash in Word?

In order to accomplish it on a keyboard, you must input the em dash alt code (Alt + 0151) or the en dash alt code (Alt + 0150). There is no shortcut for this. Using a long dash sign is considerably easier on a Mac than on a PC. An em dash (-) may be typed on a keyboard by using the keys Shift + Option + hyphen (-).

  1. Press the [Ctrl]+[Alt]+- keys together. Continue to hold down the [Alt] key while entering 0151 on the numeric keypad. Make use of the Insert menu to choose Symbol, then select the Special Characters tab, highlight the em dash, and then press Insert.
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How do you make a long dash on the keyboard?

How to enter an em dash on a Windows computer

  1. While holding down the Alt key, input “0151” on the numeric keypad. The Windows 10 emoji keyboard is a clunkier technique, but it works with any keyboard and is more universally applicable. Select the right-most tab with the omega () symbol on it from the drop-down menu. Continue to scroll down until you see the em dash sign (—).

How do you do a long dash?

When you wish to highlight the conclusion of your statement, the em dash can be used in place of a colon to accomplish this. The dash is less formal than the colon in this sentence. After months of discussion, the jury made a unanimous decision: the defendant was found guilty. They were attracted to Fiji by the beautiful sand, warm sea, and brilliant sun that greeted them upon arrival.

What is the longer dash called?

It is the long horizontal bar that is significantly longer than a hyphen, and it is also known as the em dash (em dash). Although only a few keyboards contain a dash, most word processors can generate one in some form or another without much effort.

How do you use Alt codes on a Mac?

When using alt codes on a Mac computer, the Option key should be used instead of the Alt key. Option codes for accented letters, symbols, and special characters operate in a different way on Mac computers, requiring you to first hit Option, then the accent, and finally the letter. Example: Option+n is the alt code for creating the letter n with a tilde in the middle.

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How do you make a long dash on a Chromebook?

It is possible to input both an em dash and an em dash without having to remove your hands from the keyboard if you are using a Chrome OS device. Hold down Shift-Ctrl-U and begin typing the numerals 2014 (one by one) before pressing the spacebar. There will be an em dash (Figure D).

How do I make a long dash in Google Docs?

In Google Docs, use the em dash keyboard shortcut to separate two words. To activate NumLock, press the NumLock key. Open a Google Docs document to which you want to add the em dash. Afterwards, while holding down the Alt key, input the code 0151 on the numeric keypad to insert the em dash.

How do you make an em dash on a laptop?

To make an em-dash, hold down the Alt key while typing 0151, then release the Alt key to complete the sentence. That’s all there is to it! Keep the Alt key depressed while typing 0150, then release the Alt key. This will create an en-dash.

What does an em dash look like?

It may spice up a statement, or add a dash of flavor, if you will, by emphasizing specific words and phrases in particular. That would be the em-dash, which appears like two hyphens joined together to form a single long line of text. The em-dash can serve a similar role to parentheses, colons, commas, and even semicolons, depending on the context of the phrase in which it is used.

How do you use an em dash and an en dash?

The difference between en dashes and em dashes (— vs. –)

  1. En dash (–) is a shorter symbol that is used to indicate ranges and with the meaning “to” in phrases such as “Dover–Calais crossing.” It is used to separate more information from a sentence or indicate a break in a sentence with the longer dash (—).
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How do you make a long dash on a Mac?

Using the em dash keyboard shortcut on a Mac is explained in this video. Each of the Mac operating systems uses the same shortcut for the em dash, making the operation quick and straightforward. Option + Shift + Minus (that’s -, which is the key that’s immediately next to 0 at the top of your keyboard) will do the trick. The em dash will come directly after the period.

Do dashes have spaces?

In contrast to the hyphen, which is used to unite words or portions of words to indicate a relationship, a dash is used to divide words, which is sometimes confused with the hyphen. When typing a dash, put two hyphens together without any spaces to create the symbol. There should be no gap between the dash and the colon.

How do you do a double dash?

When a phrase is interrupted, double dashes (rather than commas or parentheses) are used instead of commas (or parentheses). The phrase separated by dashes must be grammatically inessential, which basically means that the sentence will function properly even if the phrase is not there.

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