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How To Find External Hard Drive On Mac? (Best solution)

Slowly insert the connector of your device into the port of your Mac — this will guarantee that the gadget is properly initiated. Disk Utility may be found under Applications Utilities Disk Utility. External hard drives should appear under the External title in the sidebar on the left, which you should be able to view. To view the details about the drive, click on it.

  • Access your System Preferences by selecting them from the Apple menu screen. Select the Disk Utility option from the drop-down menu. Keep an eye out on the left-hand sidebar to check if your external drive has been detected. If it appears as an accessible option, select it by clicking on it to bring the storage device to the forefront. Select Mount from the drop-down menu. The external hard disk should now appear in the Finder once you have completed the preceding procedures.

How do I get my Mac to recognize an external hard drive?

Mac users may now mount an external hard disk. Disk Utility may be found under System Preferences > Disk Utility. Check to see if the external disk is shown in the left-hand navigation bar. Select Mount from the menu bar after selecting your hard disk. It should now display in the Finder under the category of devices.

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How do I find my external hard drive?

Using the CHKDSK program, you may do a manual disk check on an external hard drive if you have one connected. This program may be used by selecting “Properties” from the context menu of a drive in File Explorer. Choose “Tools” from the drop-down menu, and then select “Check” to start the CHKDSK application, which will immediately begin scanning the disk for faults.

Why can’t I see my USB drive on my Mac?

If your flash drive or external hard drive does not appear in the Sidebar, navigate to Finder > Preferences > Sidebar and check the box next to “External drives” under Locations. By selecting this option, we can ensure that the external USB hard disk or flash drive that has been attached will appear in the Finder in the typical manner.

How do I find USB drive on Mac?

To access the flash drive, open Finder and navigate to and pick it from the Sidebar on the left-hand side of the window. Please keep in mind that the name of the flash drive may differ. You may also notice the flash drive on your computer’s desktop. If this is the case, double-click it to launch the flash drive in a new Finder tab.

Why is my external hard drive not showing up on my computer?

If the disk is still not working after unplugging it, try using an alternative USB port to see if it helps. If it’s connected to a USB 3.0 port, try connecting it to a USB 2.0 port. If it’s connected to a USB hub, try connecting it straight to the computer instead. You may also try it on another computer if you have one.

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Why won’t my Mac search my external hard drive?

Begin with the fundamentals:

  1. Check to see that the drive is correctly connected.
  2. A faulty cable
  3. a damaged USB or flash drive connector
  4. a faulty power supply
  5. Restart your Mac computer. The drive has been incorrectly formatted. The Mac has not been configured to display external disks on the desktop. NVRAM should be reset. Check to check whether an external drive is shown in Apple’s Disk Utility to determine if it is connected.
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