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How To Change Default Email On Mac? (Solution found)

Open the Mail application. Select Mail Preferences, then General from the drop-down menu. Select an email client from the “Default email reader” drop-down menu.
What is the best way to change the default email account on my MacBook?

  • For this purpose, you must first launch the Mail application and then seek for the option’Preferences’in the Mail menu and choose this option from the drop-down menu. When you first access the Preferences box, make sure that the General screen is selected and active. You are now able to close the preferences window.

How do I change my default email account on Mac?

To modify the default email account in Mac OS X Mail, follow these steps:

  1. Select Mail > Preferences from the navigation bar. Select “Composing” from the drop-down menu. Select the account you want to use as your default under “Send new messages from:” (or “Send new mail from:” – this is found under “Addressing:”)
  2. then click “Save.” Close the preferences window if it is open.

How do I change my default email on my Mac to Gmail?

Make Gmail the default email client on your Mac.

  1. Open the “Mail” application by default. Bring up the “mail” menu and select “preferences” from the drop-down list
  2. Change the “default email reader” setting to your favorite browser under the “general” tab. Change the default email client on your computer to Gmail by opening your browser.
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How do I set Outlook as my default email program on Mac?

The Mail application is the default on the Mac, but you may change this to Outlook if you like.

  1. Open Finder > Applications.
  2. Select Mail.
  3. Select Mail > Preferences.
  4. Open Finder > Applications again. Microsoft Outlook should be selected as the default email reader on the General tab.

How do I change my default email address?

Change the default email account that you use.

  1. Choose File > Account Settings > Account Settings from the menu bar. Select the account you wish to use as the default account from the list of accounts available on the Email tab. Close the window after selecting Set as Default.

How do you change the default application on a Mac?

Change the default Mac application for various file formats by following these steps.

  1. Right-click on a file that contains the file type for which you’d like to modify the default setting. In the pop-up window, select Get Info. If the section hasn’t already been enlarged, select Open With from the menu. Change All by selecting it from the drop-down menu
  2. selecting the app you wish to use
  3. and clicking Change All.

How do I change my default browser Mac?

On your Mac, go to the Apple menu > System Preferences > General, and then click on the General tab. Select Safari from the “Default web browser” drop-down selection that appears.

How do I change my default email account in IOS 14?

Scroll down until you locate the browser app or email app in the list of available options. Tap the app, then select Default Browser App or Default Mail App from the drop-down menu. To make a web browser or email application the default, select it from the list. A checkmark will appear to confirm that this is the default setting.

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