Api Web Service - Terms and Conditions

Help Your Web Group You need to create your own Web Group to hold your exported forms on our server. This makes easy to find your forms when it comes to importing them on another device.
Help Protecting Your Group Web Group names are visible to all Form Maker users. You protect the contents of your Web Group by providing a password when you set up the group. The password must be at least 8 characters long. Other Form Maker users will not be able to access the contents of a protected group without providing the password.
Help Strength of protection While password protection provides a moderate amount of security, it is not intended as a very secure method. So do not use the Api Web Service if you have information that is sensitive and you would not want in the public domain.
Help Content We only host forms that meet our standards of decency and integrity. We will remove content that does not meet our standards without warning.
Help Email Address You must provide a valid email address when setting up a Web Group. We may email you to confirm validity and ownership of the group, and remove the group if you do not respond. Only one group is allowed per email address.
Help Removal of service We may remove the Api Web Service at any point. So make sure you keep local copies of your forms. Do not rely on the service being available.