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Form Maker for iPad & iPhone Get Creative
Make creative and powerful business forms on your iOS device. Use real native iOS controls with a slick and professional look and feel. Create as many pages as you need and sweep between them. Copy forms between devices. Auto-adjust landscape to portrait. Export data as CSV or PDF and print via Air Print. No programming is needed. No subscription charges are made and no registration is required. There are no in-app purchases or adverts. Just get the app and start creating your forms. Use the easy Designer tool to drag and drop real iOS controls onto your form pages.

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Form Maker Demo

Demo of Grid page layouts

Real iOS Controls Quick & Easy
Add Text Boxes, Notepads, Labels, Images, Tables, Buttons, Camera, Microphone, Maps with pins, Video player, Audio player, Item Pickers, Date Pickers, Segmented Controls, Signatures, Freehand areas, Lists, Web pages, Backgrounds, Color schemes Brilliant for Surveys, Tradeshows, Exhibitions, Customer feedback, Stock display, Presentations, Human resources, Appointments, Real Estate, Data entry, anything you need your own custom app for.

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iPad Form Maker on iTunes

Freestyle Pages

Demo of Freestyle page layouts

White Label Your Own App Watch The Support Videos
Use Form Maker to create your own app. For an additional charge we can create an app for you based on your form and release it on the iOS App Store. Its never been easier or cheaper to create your own app. Get in touch for details. To get started using Form Maker see our Support web page. This has lots of short videos to help you get started and make full use of the powerful features of Form Maker including Getting Started, Grid and Freestyle Pages.

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iPad Form Maker on iTunes

Introducing Formulas

Demo of our new Formula feature

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iPad Form Maker on iTunes

iTunes User Reviews:

Great Tool

We needed something that was easy to use to help organize the collection of data. Did not have the time to write a custom app. This tool was a perfect solution.


No Cloud Required

Best notes design/capture I have found for mobile use on iPad without need for cloud. Just the right mix of simplicity and function.


Works like a boss

Does what it says it will. Collect data in your custom forms. Export or print as needed. Customizable and easy to use.


Great form maker

A straight forward app, that does what it says. So easy to create a form.

Steve Morison

Incredibly useful and easy to use!

Very intuitive and powerful way to collect and report data.


Love it!

I use this app to get applicants and for client questionnaires. Easy to use and highly effective.


Just what I needed

This is super easy to use and to configure.


Just what I'm looking for

Just what I'm looking for to develop gas survey literature for our business.



Great product easy to learn and understand how to create forms very customizable love the fact that there's no additional ongoing costs will tell everybody I know that this is the program that should get.



Incredibly versatile and easily programmable. Lots of functionality. It feels like this app was really built with users in mind.


Love this app

I use this app in my company mainly for taking role. I am a technical trainer. Once we have taken role we export the file and upload it into a searchable database. This use to be done with pen and paper but now it is easy and our participants love filling out the form on the iPad.


An Amazing and Useful App

This app is amazing. Create useful and customizable multi-page forms for almost anything you can imagine. Personally, I use it for insurance inspection work, and it is exactly what I need: easy to use, elegant, suitable for a variety of purposes, an upfront price with no IAP's (although I'm open to reasonable IAP's), and no subscription requirement. You can essentially create a multi-page form for your business that behaves like a custom app, which is awesome. You won't regret this purchase.


Solid App

I really love this out for collecting data from brides at bridal expos. The UI it was easy enough to figure out. I only ran into a small problem and was rewarded with lightning fast responses from their customer service and support. Highly recommend!


Great little app

Fantastic app, ideal for creating a tailor made form for keeping track of my sales leads, calls etc. I tried paper, Word, etc, but this is by far the easiest and most streamlined way of doing it, and I can export to Excel, PDF, printer etc as required. Great price, no monthly sub, great tech support. Thoroughly recommended!

AKP - business user

Just what I needed

This program works well and has helped my small business towards its goal of being paperless and environmental friendly.



Great program runs perfectly, I would highly recommend it.


Great app

I use this app in my work as a nurse. It saves me a lot of time and gives me great reports. Well done!



I don't know how this app has kept quiet for so long! People need to see it work to see how good it is.


Great app

I use the app to take orders for screen printing jobs. Easy to make my own custom forms and it is ideal for what I want. Instead of writing something down on a piece of paper which is easily lost. The custom form ensure all details are filled out quickly and I can even have different shirt sizes laid out so ordering is effortless. This app is great and it can be customised for so many individual users. Thanks to the developer.


So simple

This is a great app and is so simple to learn and use, just drag and drop then save!!!!!


Fantastic! Met my needs perfectly

This app does amazing things with forms. Looks very professional and saves me a lot of stress and hassle at my exhibitions. Works excellently on my iPad and iPhone. Highly recommended!!


Best I've tried

I'm pretty. Impressed so far - make sure you use the video tutorials, it saves a lot of frustration

Berrima Line

Very useful app

Was able to create a very useful inspection form to use in the field. No more sloppy paper reports. Support was great, had a few questions and received very useful and prompt replies. This app is worth much more then $4.99. No regrets; actually looking forward to my inspection tomorrow to use this great tool.



Simple, functional and easy to use


Very Good

Does what it says.


Very helpful

Very helpful app. User friendly and very professional. This app will save me a lot of time at work. Very easy to work out.


More uses than you first think

Once you get used to the way the formatting and tools work it's very useful. I've created personal budget trackers, visitation forms and more. If you want an easy way to capture info this is it. The export of the info works really well and it's super easy to add any form to another device. Would be perfect for training environments. I'd love more flexibility on the font size for headings and easier options for tabulation of buttons and content but overall it's a great app and one that is only limited to your imagination.


Nice app and fast services

This amazing app helped me to do very professional survey.


Flexible and easy to customize

I was able to figure out how to customize the example surveys and they also have videos.


Excellent app

Excellent. This is going to be perfect for what I need to use it for. I need to collect and save data from interviews. I've not found another form maker as good and as easy to use as this and that keeps the forms locally. For those of us who are mobile and not always having wifi available, other form makers that are cloud based aren't any use. This is perfect.



Absolutely brilliant, for creating job sheets or onsite check lists, getting customer signatures. Well done to you.

The dogs dangles

Very good

Love it! Perfect for our sales reps to gather system configurations with the customer. Easily generates PDF and text file outputs. Quick and easy to use.



Exactly what I needed and so easy to use but with all the essential tools you would need!



Excellent app, so powerful and so simple to use!


You need this

Does exactly what it says on the can! Very easy to use. I use it for comparable data in Motorsport (karting) gearing, tyre pressure, air density etc etc....


Great app

This is a perfect app for people who want to make special forms of all shapes and sizes. I find it particularly useful for making role playing game character sheets and reminder forms. Highly recommended.



Make your own creative and powerful forms. Its quick and easy with Form Maker ! Brilliant for tradeshows, exhibitions, presentations, customer feedback, sales and data entry. No subscriptions or registration needed. Simply download the app and build your forms. Include real iOS text boxes, notepads, labels, check boxes, images, maps, pickers, segmented controls, buttons, dates, lists, web pages, video, camera and microphone. No need to connect to a Mac or PC, everything takes place on your iPad or iPhone. Create your forms using the intuitive and easy to use Designer section of the app. No programming required. No subscriptions. Form Maker generates native iOS multi-page forms on the fly, with all the smooth transitions and beauty you have come to expect. No clunky HTML5 is used. Forms created on one device can be copied to as many other devices as you like providing the app is installed. You can even copy forms between iPads, iPhones and iPods. Adjustment is automatic. You can create your forms with attractive backgrounds, add your own background image or logo, and even set up your own color schemes too. Forms can have as many pages as you like, the standard sweep gesture can be used to move between pages. Pages automatically adjust when changing between portrait and landscape, and between iPad and iPhone. You can add web pages to forms too, making it easy to include your own or reference websites Data captured on your forms can be easily exported in text, CSV or PDF format for use in other applications. You can print PDF forms using AirPlay.

Start making your forms today

Create forms that look like apps; Use real native iOS controls; Auto-adjust landscape to portrait; Work on iPad or iPhone devices; Secure and private data; Export data as CSV and PDF; Print via Air Print; Sweep between pages; Design forms on your device; Copy forms between devices;

Say NO to

Programming; Subscription charges; Registration; Sending data to servers; Mac or PC; WIFI or Internet connection; In-app purchases; Browser technology

Say YES to

Text Boxes; Notepads; Labels; Images; Buttons; Camera; Microphone; Maps with pins; Video player; Audio player; Item Pickers; Date Pickers; Segmented Controls; Signatures; Freehand areas; Lists; Web pages; Backgrounds; Color schemes

Brilliant for

Tradeshows; Exhibitions; Surveys; Presentations; Customer feedback; Stock display; Human resources; Appointments; Real Estate; Data entry


English; German; Dutch; French;

Copying forms between devices - Export

Once you have designed and tested a form on a device, you can copy it to as many other devices with the app as you like. This is very useful when setting up questionnaires that need to run on many iPads at an event. The form is first exported from the source device, then imported into the target device. The exported data is in XML format, this looks like structured text. It is important not to change this text yourself, as the structure and text needs to be interpreted when imported into the target device. If you have email set up on your source device, the XML will be exported in the body of the email. If you do not have email set up, the xml will be copied to the clipboard, you will then need to go to safari and launch your online email system (e.g. Hotmail or GMail), create an email and paste the XML into the email body. You can then send the email to an account that can be picked up by the target device. You don't have to use email, you may have another way of copying text between devices.

Copying forms between devices - Import

The import button appears on the top bar of the form list page. You can import a form that was previously exported from another device. The imported form needs to be pasted into the app in XML format, exactly as it was exported. Launch your email system, find the email sent from the source device, and copy the email contents to the clipboard. Press the import button in our app and you will see an area where the copied XML needs to be pasted.